Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life Is But A Dream

My friend Gina, at Mosaic , was saying that when she is very busy, like when she is trying to get Purl Jam, the knitting event taking place in June, together, with running her store and taking care of her toddler, and hosting dinners for friends and knitting until she drops over and talking to her customers, like me, she finds that time expands.
Well, I am older than she, and my experience of time might be a little different because of this or I find that I am timesick. I like to stand in line at a very busy grocery store with ten people behind me and then I write a check. I find that writing a check takes, FOREVER, an eternity. I find that the more I do in one day makes my time go by faster, and faster. I want to savor my life; every minute of everyday. So, this is why I shop. My husband just does not understand what IT is. The motive is to write a check so I can feel time.
Seriously, I never write checks, anymore, because I use a debit card, I am really miffed about debit cards.
So, I knit or paint and listen to interesting things and think about the world in which we live and wonder what I can do about anything. I compress into my time the universe and it gives me so much energy. E=MC2. So, why not click on the title and see what great thinkers have to say about this.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

See Sha Sha Sway

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

What happened next

My trip on Friday to Mosaic in Blacksburg, Virginia was amazing. I had such a great time bouncing ideas off of my friends and fellow creative spirits. I always take home way more than I bargain for, in yarn and yarns. The stories they tell! If only it were possible to do all of what I believe we could accomplish in one lifetime. The group of gals and one guy that were gathered in this colorful place could change the world. Ambition and willingness to work and play hard is catching and the rippling affect out into the world is evident. It has been a long time coming for me to find souls such as these and I appreciate their spirits.
Now, the problem came into fruition when I photographed my bounty. You see, I keep my stash inside a birdcage that I bought years ago in Santa Fe at a folk gallery. I knitted and I knitted until I used up all of my NORO. In my studio, that is declared a major disaster. The energy of the silk garden vibrates until it could fly away, right out the window. Therefore, that is the explanation for the bird cage. Well, knowing about that energy I thought that I should hurry and take a photo of the evidence. This is what happened, I placed the yarn in a pyramid shape inside of the cage and closed the door. Next thing I knew the door flew open and out came the energy stored in the balls of silk garden. I was fortunate that the camera could capture the sight of color, which is light, right? Capture it, before it was out the window.
I have been listening to Mark Twains "Huckleberry Finn" while I knit, can you tell?