Friday, November 30, 2007

Peace, let it begin with me

No worry about being car-jacked here; the nearest traffic light is about 5 miles up a winding road and over the hill by Pinnacle Rock and down that road to Bluewell. Around here everyplace has the word BLUE in its name; Bluestone, Bluefield, Bluewell, Blueberry, Blueridge, and one of our stores has the name Blue Moon , you get the idea. The only thing around here that is not blue is me.
Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful peaceful place I have ever been. The only thing I know for sure, here, is that nothing ever changes. Before present era all I ever knew for sure was that everything changes.
I teach art to tiny children (they really teach me). This is the joy of my life. This IS my calling. The very same building where I teach had been around when my great grandfather walked the same places. He had a wooden leg. He told me he was a Presbyterian because “they were more lenient.” So, I am one, as well. Our church has no full time pastor, but the pastor we have is a wonderful interesting individual. He asks us if we believe the promises God made to us, and if so, then there is nothing to worry about. Ok, then where is Anne Lamott when we need her? I do not want our church to die.
This historical or hysterical town is full of life but very small. You know what happens in small towns. I believe that PEACE begins with me. So, let it begin, NOW. If everybody knows that they might read what they are up to on this site I think it will be kind of like knowing that God watches every little thing we do. And that Santa won’t come if you are naughty.

I need to earn money to buy 20 easels for the kids, so I designed a card to sell at the Bramwell, WV. Home tours. Christmas time is a beautiful time to visit our town. Our new Train Depot/Heritage Center is such a first class center. There is a lot to see and the homes are preserved and restored. The Coal Millionaires would be amazed at what the local people have done to make this a very living place.
It is a great thing to be living in this place and to be a reverse pioneer. I am privileged to be able to watch these courageous people make something wonderful and of value to be shared.